introducing The P-Shot

Increase your confidence in the sack.

The P-Shot is an all-natural, no downtime procedure that rejuvenates and enhances the penis. The P-Shot uses growth factors from the patient's PRP (platelet rich plasma) to increase the sensitivity, girth, and effectiveness of the penis.


About the p-shot

Why should I get the P-Shot?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for the P-Shot. The P-Shot enhances sensitivity, improves orgasms, and increases the size and hardness of the penis.


Increased Sensitivity

The P-Shot increases the sensitivity of the penis by rejuvenating and restoring penile tissue.

Better Orgasms

The P-Shot enhances orgasms by making them last longer and more intense.

Larger, Harder Penis

Injecting PRP into the penis also stimulates the creation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow and new tissue growth.


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