Free Clinic for HIV Patients Suffering from Facial Wasting

Buzzfeed followed Keith as he visited Being Alive to treat the facial wasting he suffers due to HIV and early medications that were used to treat it. Learn more here.



Spring's Sexiest Injectable: Dr. Robert H. Cohen's OPT Shot is Featured by BuzzFeed.

‘Top cosmetic surgeon Robert H. Cohen, M.D., of Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles, is helping women and men revitalize their sex lives…just in time for any spring flings. This season, the doctor was featured by BuzzFeed for his expert administration of PRP Therapy and the OPT (OShot PShot Together) procedure, which enhances climaxes and offers better sexual function. The O-Shot and P-Shot were developed by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D.’ Read more here.



Hollywood Embraces the Vampire Breast Lift

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon reveals why the minimally invasive, stem cell-based procedure is gaining popularity among women in the entertainment industry. Read more here.


GLAMOUR magazine

The O-Shot

‘One woman who got the [O-Shot] couldn’t wear tight pants for a few days without having an orgasm.’